Inform your stores

Increase productivity and maximise compliance with leading task management software for retail. Never miss a beat of the workday. Know what needs to be done, and when.

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Task management made easy

Provide consistent store experiences at scale with easy to delegate and to check tasks managed from HQ.

  • Get an overview of all events and tasks on month, week and day level in an easy-to-use interface for store and field teams.
  • Add visual attachments to aid task completion & ask uploads to provide evidence on completion
  • Open two-way communication to chat in real-time, give feedback and send reminders

Help people prioritise work

Never lose sight of the business and know exactly what takes place when and where.

  • Get real-time status updates and chat
  • Sort and filter tasks by status
  • Alert users to activity updates, including comments and approvals
  • Easily identify and work with stores that need support
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Track what’s most important to you

Track overall compliance and activity to pinpoint areas of interest and improvement.

  • Build dashboards to your own liking with our highly configurable BI with advanced API to visualise your data.
  • Compare regions and stores to close the gap between your best and worst stores.
  • Bring in third party data like foot traffic and sales to build a 3D model of how operational performance is driving success.


“Concrete has changed the way we work as a business, and has saved on costs and admin time.”

Learn how Monsoon Accessorize kept all of its 660 international stores aligned with the brand.


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